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Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)
Thursday, November 5, 2020 8:00:00 PM UTC - Tuesday, November 5, 2030 9:00:00 PM UTC
The entire course takes approximately 6 hours to complete; each module is about 30 minutes. This course can be taken at your own pace. There is a final assessment at the end of this course, which you need to pass with a score of 70% or higher in order to access the evaluation and print your certificate.
The FHWA has developed a process for agencies to use for selecting appropriate countermeasures to help improve pedestrian safety, which is covered in detail in this training. 

This course is intended for local agency and tribal transportation safety specialists, planners, designers, engineers, supervisors, and project managers—particularly those that select and implement pedestrian crossing countermeasure installation.  

This course is divided into 11 modules that can be taken individually, at your own pace. Modules include:

1. Goal – Increase Pedestrian Safety
2. Revealing Pedestrian Safety Issues
3. Saving Lives – Implementing Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures
4. Crosswalk Visibility Enhancements
5. Raised Crosswalks
6. Pedestrian Refuge Islands
7. Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons
8. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
9. Road Diets
10. Leading Pedestrian Intervals
11. Evaluation and Implementation Strategies

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